Thursday, March 9, 2017


Volunteer to Host an International Student
with Compass USA

Families of all shapes and sizes are welcome.
Hosting is rewarding and FUN!

         Who can be a Host Family?

  • Married couples with or without children, or a single parent
with at least one child living at home are invited to host.

  • English must be the primary language spoken in the home.

  • The student must have a private bedroom or share a private
room  with a family member of the same sex and similar age.  
The student must have her/his own bed

We love host families and we love students.
We especially love bringing you together
for a unique and special  homestay experience. !

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Hosting is FUN!

Hosting is FUN!

* Learn about another culture and language without leaving home

* Unique opportunity to develop a new perspective of one's own culture

*Gain the satisfaction of sharing a personal view of American life and culture

*Families become closer as they share their lives with an international student

* Broadens younger children's perspectives on the world and gives families the chance to contribute to understanding among people.

* Many of the students become like members of the family and form relationships that last a lifetime.

* Provide the experience of a sibling-like relationship for their child

* Families with young children may want to provide an older sibling and role model but should not expect an au pair (child care) arrangement.

* Some host families just like the constant activity of having teens in the house, even if their own children are grown.

* Excellent opportunity and an educational experience for family

*Their family can come on events with the program - great summer activity

* Take a vacation without leaving home

* Host children can earn volunteer hours

* Boost a child's college application/resume

* Host family teen can apply for the AILI Scholarship to travel abroad.

Matching Students and Families Soon!

If you want to experience this fun opportunity, email me at

We will be matching Host Families with their students soon, so the sooner the better!

The Students will be attending English Language and American Culture classes during the day. Their classroom will be in a Studio at 7087 North Lake Point Road in Lake Point Utah. The host families will provide transportation for their students to attend class. We will also be joining a group from Overlake for excursions and activities in the afternoon. They will be home with your family evenings and weekends, including a full day on Fridays. This is a great opportunity to do something fun with your student!

Join in the fun! Make great memories with your family this summer! Call, Text, or email now!

Heather Miller
Youth Program Coordinator

Click on the Picture to Learn About International Exchange Scholarships

Click on the Picture to Learn About International Exchange Scholarships
Siblings in Host Families qualify to apply for a scholarship to experience an International Exchange themselves! There has been a winner from Tooele each year!