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Volunteer to Host an International Student
with Compass USA

Families of all shapes and sizes are welcome.
Hosting is rewarding and FUN!

         Who can be a Host Family?

  • Married couples with or without children, or a single parent
with at least one child living at home are invited to host.

  • English must be the primary language spoken in the home.

  • The student must have a private bedroom or share a private
room with a family member of the same sex and similar age.  
The student must have her/his own bed

Compass USA provides the students with English Language and American Culture classes, as well as various activities in the area.  As the Host Family, you are asked to take your student to their classes at Bonneville Academy in the morning, and then return to pick them up at 5:30 in the evening.  Your family is invited to participate in the activities, but it is not required.  Your students will be home with you in the evenings and on the weekends, so if you would like to do something fun with them you will have time for that also.

We love Host Families and we love students.
We especially love bringing you together
for a unique and special homestay experience!

See what our students will be doing this year:

You're Invited to be a Host Family with Compass USA

Host Family FAQ

What are our responsibilities as a volunteer host family? 

It is most important to treat your student like a member of your family. Loving acceptance and guidance are the keys to being good host parents. It will be necessary to provide three meals a day, a private bedroom or shared bedroom with a bed for your student. Otherwise, just follow your regular routine and invite your student to join in on the family fun. Spending time together is the most important gift that you can share. Relax and HAVE FUN!

Will our student speak English?

The level of English that your student speaks will vary. It depends on the student’s age, experience and willingness to try. It is most important to give him or her a couple of days to “settle in”. Usually, English improves with rest and feeling comfortable and accepted. When all else fails, google translator or a bilingual dictionary will help smooth over the rough spots!

Why do the students choose homestay?

The Compass-USA student is coming to your home to learn about living in a different country. The impressions of our country that your international student will take home will be primarily formed through his or her relationship with your family and community.

What are the students like?

Our students come from many different cultures and family circumstances. Just as all Americans are different, so are all of our students. Many of our students are teens with specific likes, dislikes, interests, habits and customs that are likely to be charming however different from your own.

How much does it cost to host a student?

Normally, it is relatively inexpensive to host a Compass-USA student. Occasionally, some of our teenage boys are big eaters and they may raise your food bill a little bit. The students bring their own spending money so they can pay their admission to extra activities and special events. Some families find that they spend a little more because they do more activities during the homestay so they incur additional expenses for their own family members.

Does Compass USA pay host families? 

We value families that value our program and see hosting as an opportunity to learn and grow and make friends. Thus, we want families that genuinely appreciate the hosting experience and volunteer because the experience itself is rewarding. We do not want people to host because they are paid, but rather because they value international friendship and gaining intercultural understanding.

Host families receive a small weekly stipend to help defray expenses, but this is not regarded as pay. So, our host families are 100% VOLUNTEER and we are extremely grateful and proud of their contributions to our homestay program and our international students.

The homestay program is a unique opportunity for host families to actively experience true intercultural exchange within their own homes. Participants learn about the language and lifestyle of the United States firsthand from their host families. Each family member and each participant, acting as both ambassador and friend, learn from each other. Compass-USA host families believe that hosting a student is an important way to provide a rewarding and mutually beneficial experience for themselves and the participants.

What about insurance?

A comprehensive plan for medical coverage is available for all participants. They are insured for illness, injury, and loss of life. The coverage begins and ends on their flights to and from their home country.

Why homestay?

The homestay program is a unique opportunity for host families to actively experience true intercultural exchange within their own homes. Participants learn about the language and lifestyle of the United States firsthand from their host families. Each family member and each participant, acting as both ambassador and friend, learn from each other. Compass-USA host families believe that hosting a student is an important way to provide a rewarding and mutually beneficial experience for themselves and the participants.

What information do the students receive? 

Prior to their arrival, the students and host families receive a handbook and a list of our homestay guidelines. Some of the key points include:

Host families are VOLUNTEERS.

They live in all types of American homes.

The student may share a room with a host family child but will have his or her own bed.

American host families vary greatly. Some families are headed by two parents while others are single parent families.

Many of our host families have children; although some do not. Should the student be placed in a home without children or without children whose ages approximate the student's, the student will be introduced to other American teens.

The student will not be treated as a guest, but as a member of his or her host family.

The student will be included in the daily activities of the host family, but since many host parents work, family members may not be available to entertain him or her at all times.

The student is expected to interact and talk with the host family as much as possible.

The student is expected to obey host family rules and follow the family schedule.

What People Are Saying...

 We love our Chinese girls.  I knew that it would be a  good experience but I  didn't know we  would have such love for these girls after just 2 weeks. Our family definitely grew.  These two  girls will forever be in my heart.  I still get emails from them, sending pictures and love.      
                                                                                                  -  Tammy, West Point, UT

We truly enjoyed having our foreign exchange students!! My kids learned such valuable lessons and now have a greater appreciation for the things they have. Things like having a yard with grass to play in, having only 7 hours of school instead of 10 hours, having siblings and pets to play with was so cherished by our Chinese students. We all gained such respect for our Chinese boys who showed us love, loyalty, appreciation, kindness and respect. We miss them so much and feel that two weeks was a great amount of time to get to know them, but could even be too little of time to appreciate all the things they can share and teach you and your family. They will forever be a part of our family!                                                                                                            -Butz family, Layton, UT

This experience was rewarding and so much fun for our family! Our kids taught us so much and we love them! The excitement they had for everything they did and learned here was fun to watch. It was hard to send them back after having them with us for two weeks, so we are grateful for technology that keeps us in touch!                                                                         -Janette, Hooper, UT

Being a host family for two Chinese students was a fun and rewarding experience for our family. Messi & Susan quickly became part of our family and got along great with our son (14) and daughter (9).  They came with a willingness to try new things and we had a great time sharing our family activities and culture with them.  It was also a great opportunity to meet other families from our community.                                                                                    -Danylos, West Point, UT

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Scholarship Opportunity for YOUR International Homestay!

Did you know that the siblings of our host families can apply for a scholarship to have their own international homestay in China, France, Italy or Spain next summer, ALL EXPENSES PAID!

Your teen does not need to speak another language to be able to participate in this Amazing opportunity! International Homestays look great on College Resumes and broaden your child's perspective and understanding of the world.  They will make new friends to last a lifetime!

Scholarship covers all expenses except for your personal passport and visa (visa is required for China Homestay only)

Host one of our students arriving from China in your home this summer, and get to know the homestay experience.  Then YOUR teens are eligible to apply for a scholarship to have their own homestay next summer!  There are multiple scholarships offered, and there has been a recipient from Tooele County for the past 3 years!

contact me to start your process!

Monday, February 5, 2018

Tips for Scholarship Success!

I received information today on what they are looking for in your scholarship application.  Here are some great tips from the head office:

Compass USA
Published by Cindy Scarcelli · January 7 at 4:19pm · 

Pick me! Pick me! 

Many of you may know that Compass USA has a non-profit, sister organization called AILI. AILI offers scholarships to 7 teens to travel abroad. Each year around this time, the AILI in-box is filled with questions, but the one asked most is “What exactly are you looking for so that I can win?” Some teenagers are so eager, and we love it!

I’ve been a part of AILI for seven years and I am prepared to “reveal” just exactly what it is we are looking for…

1. The application should never be hand written. It is a pdf form and is easily downloadable to where you can type directly into it. Be professional. Yes, you are a teenager, but it is never too early to learn how to submit a professional application. 

2. Submit the entire application and all required documents/projects at once. Please do not send multiple emails with individual attachments. You may submit an additional file/email containing the special project. We realize that some projects are very large files. We will work with you on this one. The larger the file = more creativity. 

3. Your project…let us talk about your project. We ask that the project embrace culture or international travel. We give you some examples listed on the website, but they are only examples. Sky is the limit! Get creative! Blow our socks off!! If it is an essay, make it the best essay ever—move us! Anyone can write a few words and call it an essay. Anyone can write a simple poem and call it good. Please take your time and think this through. We’ve had everything submitted from interpretive dance to piano pieces to children’s illustration books—and everything in between. We really want to see your creative side shine through your special project.

4. The Skype interview. Everyone fears the dreaded Skype interview—but we think that is silly! First of all, be on time and have your computer ready to go. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to have to wait while your computer updates or your camera or sound does not work. Play with Skype beforehand. Once the interview starts—RELAX. From the time we log on together to the time we say goodbye, we try our best to make you feel comfortable. We want you to be yourself. We want to see teen spirit. We want to see maturity. We truly want to see your love for culture and international travel. Ask us questions! We want this to be more of a get-to-know-you session than an interview. We are kind, sweet, fun, and easy going—so please do not fear the interview. 

That is about it. Now you have the inside edge. Have you started your application? Visit WWW.AILI.US to start. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are very good about answering quickly. Good luck!

Thank you,

Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Time Has Come to Apply for YOUR Homestay Scholarship!

It's the moment you have been waiting for!  Aili is now accepting applications for the 2018 International Homestay Scholarships!  THE DEADLINE IS FEBRUARY 15th  Below you will find specific information about the application process, as well as FAQ about the Homestay program.  You may choose to travel to France, Spain, Italy or China.  
We have had Tooele County students receive a scholarship for the past 3 consecutive years!
Read the information below, then visit the website and click on the picture of the suitcase with the words "apply today" to begin your scholarship application.  Let me know if I can be of any help to you throughout the process!  Good Luck!